Adding a Project in Progressus

In Progressus, by Plumbline Consulting, you can quickly and easily create a project using the Project Wizard. This easy to use wizard simplifies project creation. With this tool you can add a project in under a minute!


First, select the Project Wizard from your Project Manager Role Center or the menu.


  • Auto-number project or type in a custom project
    • Multiple sequences can be set up
  • Project Name
  • Status
    • Quote – Pull from contacts
    • Order – Pull from contacts or customers
    • Purchasing
  • Project Template
    • Any project can become a template
    • Allows you to set the key items for the entire project


Next, set up your KPI’s and Project Overview:


  • Posting Group
    • Default GL Account postings
  • KIP Type
    • Default the type of KPI’s you want to track, Time and Material or Fixed.
  • Hours and Quantity
    • Set up global quantities here


The next screen lets you determine other project information such as budget, project manager and other templates to use.


  • Pipeline – Set % chance of opportunity closing
  • Budget – Unlimited for each project, select the Original budget here.
  • Project Manager
  • Create Templates – Use these templates to simplify the rest of the project creation process.
    • Tasks
    • Payments
    • Invoice Setup
  • Type of Project
    • Internal
    • Private
    • Customer


The next page of the wizard allows you to select the various methods of invoicing for Resources, Items and Expenses.


  • Billing Types
    • For Resources
    • Items
    • Expenses
  • Types Can Be
    • Fixed
    • Time and Materials
    • User Template


At this point your project is created!  You can use other templates such as the Task Template to set up Tasks, Payments and Invoice Formats


  • Templated Tasks
    • Select All
    • Select one by one


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