Project Resource Management

Project Resource CostsResource & Qualification definition

Define resources and setup different skills to plan out the labor budget against a project.

Resource Forecast

Setup individual forecasts on resources and measure their performance against the budget.

Project Portfolio Management

Progressus’ main project feature provides the ability to tie several projects together in a dynamics hierarchy for Project Portfolio Management.  This provides the ability to send one invoice to customers for multiple projects.

Distribution & Manufacturing

Consume materials directly from inventory or through purchasing, as well as operating in a mixed mode environment – projects with distribution or manufacturing.

Purchase Reservations

Record items or inventory against a project using the built in purchase order process in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Materials Consumption

Register Materials Consumption directly on the project, as well as through existing inventory from the warehouse, once the purchase has been invoiced.

Service module

Progressus includes integration to the Dynamics 365 Service Module.  This allows project and tasks to be assigned to Service Orders or Contracts and supports the entry/recording of time.

Graphical view

Enter project resource budget in the Gantt tool to work with the resource allocations and return the changes to Progressus.

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