This is a comprehensive guide to the Mobile Expenses Entry by Progressus. This convenient mobile solution simplifies how you and your team enter time and business expenses. Continue reading to learn the key features, benefits and real-world applications of the Mobile Expense Entry feature.

Overview and Purpose

The Progressus Mobile Expense Entry feature is a convenient tool designed to streamline how you enter and manage time and business expenses. It offers businesses the ability to add and review expense entries, key-in specific project numbers and tasks, and select payment types tailored to your needs.

The Mobile Expense Entry Module is part of the broader Progressus suite designed to cater to the complex requirements of project-centric organizations. Its purpose is to improve the accuracy of expense reporting, assist in better time management, and enable better control of project time and expenses.

Key Features

Mobile Expense Entry  is feature-rich and offers flexibility to cater to diverse business needs. Here are some of its prominent features:

  1. User Permissions and Access: Empower your team with permission to enter expenses on behalf of others, simplifying the process for executive assistants and team leaders.
  2. Adding Expense Entries: Add expenses by project and task by choosing from a dropdown list of approved projects and tasks relevant to you.
  3. Entering Expense Details: Include a short description of the expense and other details, like purpose, work type code, quantity, and anything else your accounting requires.
  4. Attaching Receipts: Take a picture of your receipt or upload it from your phone, attaching it directly to your line item.
  5. Adding Comments: Include notes or excuses related to your expense if needed, so all information related to your expense is in one place.


The Progressus Mobile Expense Entry feature brings multiple benefits to businesses. These include:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: With convenient mobile features and configurable approvals for both time and expenses, expense management is streamlined for the entire organization.
  2. Improved Expense Visibility: Instead of entering expenses at the end of the accounting period, your team can enter expenses immediately, ensuring better visibility of your expenses.
  3. Better Overtime Control: By entering time and expenses continuously, the system can calculate and track overtime rates, aiding in decision-making.
  4. Greater Compliance: Adherence to accounting standards is ensured, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Use Case

Consider a business with multiple ongoing projects, each with several employees assigned who are all charging expenses to the project line item. With the Progressus Mobile Expense Entry Module, everyone on the project can enter expenses and attach receipts in real-time, right from their phones. Executives can even grant entry permissions to an administrative assistant, empowering efficiency throughout the organization. Timely and accurate entry of business expenses improves expense visibility, ensures compliance with accounting standards, and aids in cost control for the business.

Final Thoughts

Progressus Mobile Expense Entry offers a convenient, seamless, and comprehensive solution for managing business expenses. We are confident that it will transform your business operations, delivering improved efficiency, accuracy, and financial control. For further details or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with our team.