This is a complete guide to integrating the Outlook Time Entry Add-In for Progressus. This add-in simplifies how you and your team enter time and manage workloads. Continue reading to learn the key features, benefits and real-world applications of the integrating the Outlook Time Entry Add-In.

Overview and Purpose

The Outlook Time Entry Add-In is a convenient tool to simplify how you enter and manage time for your Progressus. It offers businesses the ability to instantly update timesheets for Progressus directly within Outlook. The add-in also helps workload management with a better view of resource availability.

The Outlook Time Entry Add-In is one of many Outlook integrations available for Progressus, designed to empower project-based businesses.

Key Features

The Outlook Time Entry Add-In offers exceptional convenience for busy teams managing multiple projects. Here are some of its prominent features:

  1. Simple Integration Setup: Integrate the Outlook Time Entry Add-In with Progressus in just a few clicks.
  2. Enter Time Directly in Outlook: Add time to projects directly in Outlook, using project information from Business Central.
  3. Automatic Timesheet Updates: Timesheets are automatically updated from Outlook to Business Central.
  4. Easily Change Companies: Change which company to record time against directly in Outlook.
  5. Robust Time Descriptions: Include project task codes, date, quantity, description, pay time, work type, and other important information for each time entry.


The Outlook Time Entry Add-In brings multiple benefits to businesses. These include:

  1. Workload Management: With access to Outlook calendar bookings shown in Progressus, your team can better manage workloads.
  2. Resource Visibility: Gain insight into the availability of your project resources thanks to up-to-date time entry.
  3. Convenient Time Entry: With the convenience of entering time directly in Outlook, you’ll capture more hours worked and bill more accurately than before.

Use Case

Consider a business with multiple ongoing projects, each with several employees assigned who are all entering time to a project. With the Outlook Time Entry Add-In, now everyone on the project can enter their time more frequently and accurately. Convenient time entry improves workload management and captures more hours worked on projects, helping the business’ bottom line.

Final Thoughts

The Outlook Time-Entry Add-In for Progressus Advanced Projects offers a convenient and seamless solution for project time entry. We are confident that it will transform your business operations, delivering improved efficiency, accuracy, and workload management. For further details or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with our team.