Project Cost Tracking

Gain Control Over Project Costs

Track, view, and analyze costs and revenues for individual projects that are still in progress. With our project management solution, margins can be predicted and controlled and future expenses easily viewed without waiting until the end of an accounting period.

Monitor Project Status

Predefined stop lighting and customizable stop lighting helps monitor what is important to your company.

Enhance Project Collaboration

Provide accountants and project managers with a single system that enables them to use the same set of data for better analysis and project accountability. Project data can then be presented in terms that are easy for project managers to understand and use.

Improve Project Productivity

Take advantage of flexible project structures, billing rates, and more to make your project run efficient and effective. Costs are collected and charged to individual projects within a single integrated project management solution.

Instant Expense Visibility

Take known or expected expenses into account in Progressus. Record expenses such as subcontractors, purchasing, and labor charges as commitments as soon as they are entered—even before the end of an accounting period—to allow for the future cost.

Resource costs

Progressus provides distinct cost matrices for resources, resource groups and project specific costing.   Working across activities, work types or date spans makes this a scalable feature.

Flexible Invoicing control

Assign various billing methods, rate structures and mark-up rules for each project or for a specific invoice and then generate invoices on demand.

Shorten Billing Cycles

Shorten billing cycles and improve cash flow by taking control of unbilled receivables and converting them more quickly to revenues.

Streamline invoicing with invoice generation, formatting, and submission of Invoice Suggestions; then easily note needed corrections, approve invoices, and post receivables.

Improve Cash Flow

Reduce the lag time between project activity and invoicing customers. Progressus’ project management solution enables charges such as time, expenses and materials to all flow directly to billing without paperwork delays or manual data entry.

Tailor Invoices

Format invoices to customer specifications, defining detail levels for different types of charges and link a given format to future customer or project bills.


Invoice suggestion screen provides a view into entries ready for invoicing. Entries can be modified and made available for invoicing based on consumption (usage entries) and/or according to payment plans. Payment plans can be derived from a contract value, duration and/or number of payments.

Emailing Invoices

Send project invoices via email based on customers’ preferences.

Multi-Currency Expense

Gain more control of your projects with the ability to schedule billings and to report expenses in multiple currencies.

Billing Options

Individually bill projects or consolidate multiple projects for the same customer on one invoice.

Work In Progress

Progressus supports WIP for fixed price, time & materials or even a hybrid combination of fixed & time & materials.

Seamless Data integration

Reduce errors and simplify data entry through single-point data entry with integration across Progressus and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including project budgeting, distribution, sales order, and field service management modules.

Manage International Projects

Multi Company and Multi Currency support for projects.  Expenses can be entered in any currency and recorded in the project’s currency.

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