Project Time and Expense

Track Project Labor and Expenses Effectively

Take control of your labor, project, and travel-related expenses. Accurate, timely cost information gives you the precise information you need to increase productivity and make better, more effective business decisions.  View and track labor, travel, and other expenses with a fully integrated solution that allows you to include out-of-pocket costs in project profitability calculations.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Device Time & Expense Entry

Simplify entry with a single interface for Time & Expense entry.  Interfaces are available for desktops, tablets and smartphones to meet your employees’ needs.  Streamline the collection of labor and project expenses with timesheets and expense reports that can be entered anytime, anywhere remotely via the Web, fully validated, and available for online project manager approval.

Monitor Timesheets

Quickly view the status of a timesheet to see if one has been started to whether it has or needs to be submitted for approval.

Improve Visibility of Project Costs

Track labor and employee expenses easily on a project-by-project basis, with a complete overview of labor expenses and commitments that allows full drill-down to details.

Intuitive User Interface

Empower employees with timecards and expense reports that are single-point, easy-to-use time and expense into one intuitive interface from their Web browser or mobile device.

Impersonate User

Securely impersonate another user in order to report hours/expenses for other resources.

Multi-currency Expense

Gain more control of your projects with the ability to report expenses in multiple currencies.

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