This is a comprehensive guide to the Progressus Project Accounting tool. This powerful software solution is designed to for the professional services industry, providing effective solutions for project creation, project management, project budgeting, and planning. Engineered to completely integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Progressus Project Accounting dramatically improves project management efficiency and accuracy.

In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the Progressus Project Accounting tool, introducing you to its purpose, key features, benefits, and real-world applications.

Overview and Purpose

The Progressus Project Accounting tool is a powerful and comprehensive solution engineered to track, visualize, and manage all aspects of a project. With this tool, businesses can create and manage projects, analyze accurate project and financial information, enter time and expenses remotely, and bill and invoice customers in a variety of ways.

The Project Accounting tool is part of the broader Progressus suite, which is designed to cater to the complex requirements of project-centric organizations. With over 100 ways to enhance the Dynamics 365 Business Central experience, the Advanced Project Accounting tool is a powerful addition to enhance operations for any project-based business.

Key Features

The Advanced Project Accounting tool is feature-rich and offers flexibility to cater to diverse business needs. Here are some of its prominent features:

  1. Real-Time Tracking: With real-time tracking enabled by Microsoft’s powerful Power BI tool, you’ll be able to monitor every aspect of your project, from project profitability to individual performance metrics.
  2. Flexible Budgeting: Assign last years’ project structure to new projects, using past project costs as your starting budgetary numbers.
  3. Project Wizard: Simplify the project creation process with the assistance of the Project Wizard, capable of creating both simple and complex projects alike.
  4. Advanced Billing Options: Bill and invoice your customers correctly, from milestone and percent complete billing to fixed price and time and material billing.
  5. Mobile Time and Expense Entry: Connect time and expense entry into Outlook for more convenient, complete, and accurate billing.


The Progressus Advanced Project Accounting tool brings multiple benefits to businesses. These include:

  1. Greater Flexibility: With opportunities to customize the tool to your specific needs, you can pivot and optimize operations when project changes occur.
  2. Improved Accuracy: The system is built on accurate, real-time information directly from your accounting system, giving you an accurate view of project and financial information.
  3. Reduced Complexity: Project creation and management is simplified with templates and the Project Wizard, reducing the time and complexity to set up projects correctly.
  4. Better Mobility: In this new remote reality, offer a convenient time entry option for your staff that captures more hours and raises your bottom line.

Use Case

Consider a business with multiple ongoing projects, each with numerous tasks, costs, and revenue streams. Creating, tracking, managing, and invoicing each of these projects can be a monumental task. With the Progressus Project Accounting tool, businesses can create projects in the system with just a few clicks, and monitor every aspect of a project, from project profitability to individual performance metrics.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how complex a project may be, Progressus Project Accounting is capable of optimizing every aspect of project management and accounting. We are confident that it will transform your business operations, delivering improved efficiency, accuracy, and financial control. For further details or to schedule a demo, please get in touch with our team.