Can I purchase Progressus without Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Progressus is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and cannot be used with another ERP. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the leading Cloud ERP in market today and with Progressus, it becomes a powerhouse for project-driven companies.

Does Progressus have limits on budget changes?

Progressus Allows for UNLIMITED budgets for a Project lifecycle.

Can we plan where the resources (People/machines/etc) will be needed, and when?

Progressus allows you to set a capacity for the resource, and plan the resource allocation and usage against that capacity. Progressus make it easy see who/what is overused or underutilized.

Can you have projects INSIDE of projects?

Progressus allows for MAIN Projects and SUB Projects inside of the main project. Invoicing can be done in Summary or in detail.

Does Progressus have Fixed, Time & Material, and Mixed types of Projects?

Progressus provides the options of Fixed, Time and Material, or Mixed type billing/invoicing.

Can you separate projects for customers, internal projects, and even projects that we don’t bill against?

Progressus allows for three different types of projects with different attributes: Customer, Internal, and Private. You choose the type that fits your particular project best.

Can you bill multiple customers for one Project?

Progressus allows Customer Split percent- numerous customers can be invoiced per project.

Can you hold back (retain) a certain percentage of money through the process and release it on a predetermined schedule?

Progressus provides Sales Retention and you can retain/release the retainers as needed on invoices.

Can you provide discount schedules or custom discounts for customers?

Progressus allows for item, expense, resource, and resource discounts and all can be different based on task, job, or date.

Can manager enter time in for their team?

Progressus supports the ability for managers to impersonate team members who may be away/unavailable (with permissions).